We love You - We are One - Keep your Spirits High!

Welcome Home

What is it that makes us wonder, lets us blossom, takes us home? What gets our hearts beating and beaming, our souls dancing and dreaming and absolute smiles moving in circles and spirals, within and around?

A place, a space we create together to Return...rejoicing and resting. To return again, again to the Beauty, Strength and Essential Potential that each one of us is and that we are together! The Great Potential that is so vital and flourishes through combined Creativity, Fun, Focus and Intention. Crafting and building fields and domes of Innocence and Playfulness, Cleansing and Clarity, Laughter and Song, and Challenge and Opportunity to move through together to a light and beautiful valley in each of our Hearts.

The Heart-Culture being an Essence-ial Awareness supporting and loving each other as One unified Family. A culture where we are all included: all here to learn, assess and grow more fully.. Side by side, Children, Families, Friends and Animals meeting and connecting in new and old ways, sharing the gifts that have been discovered and spreading the message of Connection from heart to heart around the world.

Expanding ourSelves through breath-giving Music and being offered a colourful spectrum of meaningful Interactions, Workshop Experiences and Food Sensations boosts our Energy and allows our Natural Flow to stream through again… the healing Medicine that lets us unfold organically in a safe and collected Space. A space we all cherish so much and effortlessly feed with strong Drive and soulful Intention, each adding their flavour and spice to the Gathering. The Melting Pot of the annual Heartculture Festival truly has become a magical pillar of sorts.... every person has a part to play, as small or big as it may seem. It is a wonderful, lifecourse-changing gift on many levels, for many many lovely beings.


Let us know if you have Visions, Ideas, Acts, Connections or pure Motivation to get involved and contribute to this divine Happening in Austria, August 2019. As we are in our planning phases for the next Seasons’offerings, we are happy to welcome new committed members on board the HC Organisation Crew 2019. Write us a message if you are keen to join the Team and get involved in this Mission! Wishing you all the Blessings on your path and journey!

See you now


Lebst du schon deinen Traum oder bist du noch auf der Suche? Auf der Suche nach Menschen, die genauso "anders" sind wie du?

Die in keine Schublade passen und so viele Ideen, Stärken und Interessensgebiete haben, dass sie gar nicht wissen, wo anfangen? Die sich oft allein damit vorkommen, obwohl es doch schon so viele sind.

Denen es ein Anliegen ist, einen Beitrag für eine wirklich lebenswerte Welt zu leisten, für diese Generation und alle folgenden. Die mit Hierarchien und Konkurrenzdenken schon lange nichts mehr am Hut haben, sich lieber auf Augenhöhe begegnen, einander liebevoll beitragen und voneinander lernen. Die sich gegenseitig bestätigen, dass es völlig in Ordnung ist, authentisch und "ver-rückt", wild und ungebändigt, freudvoll und ekstatisch und gleichzeitig verantwortungsvoll zu sein.


Willkommen zu Hause! Ein paar Tage lang machen wir gemeinsam einen Raum auf, in dem wir so sein können, wie wir sind, Träume und Erfahrungen austauschen, uns verwöhnen lassen, ins Feuer schauen, Musik hören und tanzen, als die große Familie, die wir schon sind!